Services measured and tailored to your needs

Bespoke Communications offers communication and consulting services to individuals, companies and institutions. We also project manage cultural initiatives and events, but also any type of project being organised for a good cause.

Η Bespoke Communications

We craft a communications plan tailored to the needs of each client, adopting a strategy that will make their brand stand out from the competition. We develop a unique narrative that reflects their values, strengths and unique characteristics. We develop client relations with both established and contemporary media, ensuring the greatest exposure for their brand and image. We support their presence on social media to maximize their impact towards achieving the goals we have set together.


We take on the responsibility of running your project, from its very inception to its full realization, always emphasizing your needs. We collaborate with the right team of experts every time; the people that can truly make a difference. We develop an action plan, calculate the project’s budget, build the team, infuse the initiative with its own unique identity, take on the daily follow-up, execute the production, complete the project and communicate it.


Alongside the institution you represent (whether public or private), your company or your team, we design a series of initiatives to improve your relations with local communities and stakeholders. We analyse specific parameters affecting your operations within relevant communities, record th strengths and weaknesses of these relationships and create an action plan tailored to your needs. We bring projects to fruition, offering full communications support and compile a detailed review of our results.


We create digital campaigns or communications campaigns based on a holistic strategic plan. We utilize a cutting-edge toolset and all available modern means and channels to implement each campaign. We design campaigns around a core idea, crafting a targeted message and communicating it to the desired audience. We also organize a series of promotional activities. We evaluate the results of our campaign.


We take on the strategic planning and messaging of political campaigns, offering speechwriting services, and we are also able to organize and support a candidate’s press office. We produce pamphlets, audio-visual material, while also offering media indexing services. We also provide political image management consulting services.


We compose and improve the content of client corporate presentations, successfully portraying their image. We also compose and edit the texts and content found across all applications of their corporate identity. We manage all social networking media, both in terms of content and visual.


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